Starting University

For me, starting university was an exciting challenge I was extremely looking forward to. But then came the summer holidays and I got used to having no work to do and spending my days as I please.

Soon September rolled round and it was time to start thinking about preparing for university life and my new home at Leeds Trinity University.

Move in day arrived and as I carried my possessions from the car to my new home for the year, I was eager to see who I would be sharing with. Friendly new faces surrounded the halls and it was much easier to talk to lots of new people than I thought.

One of the things I was most looking forward to was freshers week!

Advice for freshers week


The idea of going out every night with a bunch of new people sounded fun, I couldn’t wait for the first night.

That feeling however slowly deteriorated as it got to half way through the week, tired and having developed freshers flu, the thought of going out again didn’t seem so fun after all. But we all made it through and we deserve a gold medal.

After still feeling drained from freshers week, lectures began to start and trust me, they were weird at the start!

Throughout school I was helped so much in lessons by teachers, I was helped little at Sixth Form having to become an independent student but here although independence is very much part of my degree, having to organise myself and find out the work I have to complete, I feel fully supported by my lecturers and can approach them at any time with any issues.

As I start my first year, I hope I still have this positive attitude throughout the years of my degree, enthusiastically completing my work and I cannot be more happier that I chose a university which is perfect for me.